Humanity in action: LL Catering supported the initiative #Retweetameal

LL Catering joined the Retweet a Meal initiative and contributed to this great humanitarian activity through which for 4 years a warm meal was given to people who cannot afford it.

Guided by our company commitment to join human missions that aim to help the citizens by meeting the basic need for a warm meal, and encouraged by the enthusiasm of the #Retweetameal initiative, we decided to become partners with these young humanists who share the love for humanity exactly as well as we in our daily work. With this volunteering action we want to transform our good intentions into good deeds, to show humanity in action, and thus to help the most critical group of our fellow citizens, the homeless people in our city.

This food-sharing partnership begin on March 9th , 2019, as part of our 10-year tradition of practicing social responsibility with meal – sharing activities: a warm meal for Bojana, a meal for the neighborhood and New Year's Catering for the protégés of the Institute for Rehabilitation of Children and Youth in Skopje.

The Retweetameal initiative takes place every Saturday at 13 o'clock near the house of Mother Teresa in Skopje.

We hope to be an example and a stimulus for the awakening of humanity in our society and create an awareness for all those who are able to help and contribute.