LL Catering is a company for industrial and commercial catering that has been operating successfully since 2005, having 160 employees and four cooking units, two of them in Skopje, one in Kichevo and one in Prilep. Our units within the industrial catering deliver approximately 5.000 meals a day for the employees of more than 14 companies in Macedonia. On the other hand, the commercial catering unit has a capacity to serve around 2000 guests with food, Beverages, equipment and personnel and delivers approximately 700 events a year.


Five Stars for Your Party

As a company existing since 2005 and with great experience behind in dealing with many parties and events for both private persons and companies, with the delivery of the complete catering service we offer, we aim to impress not only our customers, but also their guests. Not by offering them sensational things, but just what they need. Specifically what they expect as value and deserve it. And that is a five-star service. Why? To feel good and be happy! Five-star food delivery for the customers is a way of thinking and acting for us by which both the food and the service are delivered with the desire to reach an extraordinary feeling for our customers. Because, what we have learnt is that everybody wants a five-star service since it makes our clients feel special and likable, just like we do. Especially when it comes to catering service. Not only our customers feel good when they get the five-star service, but they share their experience with others as well. Our five-star service is not a piece of paper for good reputation, but a routine. According to our system of values, everybody deserves an equal, high-level service, and this is our recognizable image. Five-star service delivery for us represents a deeply established corporate value and our team lives according to this value. Therefore, we are always READY FOR YOU! And you are ready for your employees, your clients and your friends. Because when you will hire our catering service for your event, you will make the best impression. The five-star service is solidly established concept behind our meals within the industrial catering as well.

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