Our main task is to make people happy at moments of their important celebrations and festivities through delivery of wide array of products and services prepared and delivered by dedicated team working with tremendous love. As regional leaders in innovative processes of production, distribution and serving tasty and fresh food, we continuously insist on quality in every aspect of our work, whether regarding the quality of our services, the quality in our customer relationships or the quality in our thinking. The three epithets that describe us according to our mission are superb, professional and unique catering service tailored to the different customer requirements. Our mission is to be a complete catering agency with rich offer which makes people happy. Hence our slogan READY FOR YOU! With the help of our mission over the years, we are able to be fully prepared for our customers by exceeding their expectations, making them happy and satisfied. VISION Company evolution with an organization and strong corporate culture system adjustable to the external changes, where all employees represent active actors in the system and positively affect the finished product through quality and highly productive interpersonal relationships.


Quality and Safety

Top priority of our operation is to provide impeccable and uncompromisingly safe food

Employee Care

Our team is one big family, and the success of our company is based on the mutual support, care and good relationships between all members of our big family. Teamwork and continuous team development are our main trump card for a pleasant working atmosphere and success in working.

Passion for Food

Each bite of food produced by us is produced with great attention and great love. Our big family merges and brings together the great passion for food. By cooking we share love.

Morality and Ethics

Implemented into our daily work through responsibility and selflessness. Respecting every individual through fair and polite relationship, regardless of whether they are our employee or our client. We achieve our goals honestly, fairly and responsibly, applying the rules of ethics imposed by our occupation.

Delivered as Promised and a Little Bit More than that

We always deliver what we have promised and upgrade it with added value.

Punctuality and Timeliness

The timeliness is our characteristic in each communication and process.

Maintaining a system of functioning causing admiration among the customers and proud among the employees

  • Commitment
  • Reliability
  • Professionalism
  • Positive mind and Initiatives
  • Trust

Open to New Changes and New Challenges

Our intention is to become a catering company with great vision that will implement big business development steps that will create market changes.


We have set a goal for continuous improvement, planning of future activities and fostering extensive innovation and creativity.

Social Responsibility

As our ethic standard and morality, we have socially responsible action practiced from the very beginning of existence as our investment in the well-being of the community in which we exist and act.


We highly appreciate loyalty, therefore we are loyal partners with the suppliers, clients and employees. We are loyal in the operation and service themselves.


We make sure that we always act properly and responsibly, we take care of our clients, our partners, our employees, the community ... we take care of how to behave and do good.


Investing in the quality of life of the society in which the company works, on one hand, and the care to satisfy the people who work in the company, on the other, are two key aspects of social responsibility to which our company has a permanent commitment defined in the Social Responsibility Policy.

Download document for social responsibility policy