More herbs, less salt for greater vitality. Within our new project that started in June, we introduced a food preparation strategy for our customers by using spice herbs as a replacement for cooking salt in order to improve the diet habits and health promotion. Following the recommendations coming from the World Health Organization that the daily intake of cooking salt of an adult must not exceed 5 gr a day, we, in LL Catering, through appropriate norms, have decided to reduce by 30% the use of cooking salt in the preparation of meals. Recent researches show that the quantity of consumed cooking salt on daily basis affects people’s general health, especially the brain and heart diseases which result from elevated blood pressure leading to direct link with overconsumption of salt through the diet. Project’s primary goal is to provide food to our valued Customers that will deliver a new health aspect for its improvement in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization and in accordance with our determination to be always ready for you! WE ARE READY FOR YOUR WELLNESS!