Culinary Innovator Award-Winning Game

New award-winning challenge from LL Catering! Search for recipe for new innovative catering canapé! In anticipation of the preparation of two new menus, we search for the most popular culinary innovator. All you have to do is to send us an innovative proposal for new canapé. Come out with new canapé made of, according to you, the most delicious ingredients and propose it publicly. Send your proposal as a comment to this post and expect super catering award. The person who will get the most likes for their proposal will be awarded with LL food box gift with different kinds of canapés. The search will last until 20.09.2018, and the winners will be published on 25.09.2018. You can get the award until 31.10.2018. Do not hesitate! Send us everything you think would be delicious! All you need is fantasy, not knowledge! We are expecting you!