Continuous introduction to new technologies – A challenge to updgrade our services

We invested in 40 new food transporters from RIEBER Thermoport.

The quality of our services must not only meet all quality standards defined by law, but also must meet our company strict operational standards as internal standards. The production of cooked food requires the implementation of high security and safety measures for each step of service execution.

As part of our Annual Investment Plan for 2019 to improve our services, in the first quarter of this year, we invested in new RIEBER food conveyors, a product of the world renowned by Rieber GmbH & Co. KG. KG - a German manufacturer of kitchen solutions for professional catering companies as food operators. With Rieber thermoports our clients will receive 100 % digital food traceability from the moment of production in our kitchen until the moment of its serving, thus achieving all the global quality and function standards.

The benefits of this investment to our customers are clear: Transporters will be able to store the temperature and freshness of food from the moment of preparation to its serving with only lowering the tempetarure fo 1.5 ° C/hourly. New conveyors operate according to the principle of vacuum closure of food to protect and conserve energy. Digitized identification of the food inside the conveyer and safety sensors screens.

Improving our services, introducing new technologies in our operations, continuing enrichment of the offer are goals based on which we carry our everyday decisions and investment plans. Cross of the city of Skopje.